Frequency Tools & Technology

First, what are frequencies?

Think of the visible light spectrum. The colors the human eye can see are actually frequencies along the band of energy that's the substance everything is made of.

Healthful frequencies are effective in increasing blood flow, promoting cellular health, and allowing the body to return to homeostasis and a more relaxed state.

They can be delivered through wearables, remote broadcasts, mats or pads, and other handheld tools.

Examples of this technology in action are the tools that utilize particular frequencies to improve one's health, such as infrared, terahertz, scalar waves, hertz, red light frequencies, and more.

For Massage Therapists & Bodyworkers...

Frequency Therapy Tools & Training

1. Earn More Hands Free Course

Learn To leverage your business brand and create new revenue streams with frequency tools.

After this course, you'll understand and be ready to integrate frequency tools into your massage practice and EARN MORE HANDS FREE!

2. Tools!!!

The array of tools that I've tested is vast... Below are my recommendations.

AO Scan by Solex

Infinity Terahertz + Red Light Wand

Oscillating Wand Stand

Infinity Infrared + PEMF Mat

660 Red Light Wristband

Infinity Foot Detox + Waistband

Red Light Illuminator

Amethyst Infrared Biomat

Quantum Pad

Protection Bracelet