Hey there! I'm Melinda.

I help LMTs and Holistic Practitioners succeed and thrive with success programs, coaching, and frequency tools.

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July 15th - September 1st!!

My name is Melinda.

I've got a lot to share with you.

Consider me your trusted mentor for all things massage success and more.

I'm passionate about health, business, spirituality and personal growth.
If you need support in reaching your massage career goals, I'm happy to offer my expertise.

Let's reach for it...together!

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In my LMT SUCCESS BLUEPRINT online course, you'll learn a proven success formula to:

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The "4 Pillars Of Success" in this course covers everything needed to build and sustain a successful massage business for private practice.

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July 15th - September 1st!!

Need a 1:1 Coaching Session?

Book a Single Coaching Call to:

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Yes, It Really Is Possible!

Massage therapists...

Do you love frequency tools?

Would you like to Earn More Hands Free?

Learn to leverage your business brand and create new revenue streams with frequency tools in this online course. You'll learn to...

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  3. Save your hands

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This course will give you the confidence & knowledge needed to effectively integrate frequency tools into your massage practice to Earn More Hands Free...

Massage Success Review

If you are a massage therapist in private practice and would like to receive a quick audit of your business, this is for you.

This review is based on mastering The 4 Pillars of Success:

Mindset, Technique, Self-Care & Business.

Gain clarity on what's going well and what areas you can improve upon.

Shari from Connecticut

"Just awesome! I think I had 2 clients when we started. I remember thinking I couldn't afford it, but the truth was that I couldn't afford NOT to [work with Melinda]. I'm so glad that I did!"

Liz from Utah

"Some days I am just counting down the hours until I’m done and can lay on my infrared mat during a sound bath!
The last client I worked on with the wand was so nice because I could help her healing process without trying to work with my hands through all the inflammation in her tissues. [And,] I broadcast the AO scan frequencies to me so I’m getting shielded and regeneration while working."

Shawn from

New York

"I've made back all of the money and more that I spent with Melinda. If you're on the fence, I say just do it!" Think of it as a fasttrack for your business."

Caroline from Michigan

"I booked a coaching call with Melinda a few years ago and it was extremely helpful! She gave me a step-by-step approach that works, all in a single call. She also checked in with me to see how things were going! I highly recommend her, she knows her stuff!"

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